Energy and Building
Teaching - Research Group
Technical University Berlin and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


The Energy and Building Teaching-Research Group is composed by a number of Individuals, mostly Faculty members at TUB and PUC, and related Institutions within both Universities. Other external Institutions complete a rich Network including a variety of resources



Escuela de Arquitectura Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, EAUC The School of Architecture of the Universidad Católica is a reputed Latin-american institution, where leading Academics, Researchers and Practitioners in the field meet the most talented students. Go to EAUC Web Page


Fakultät VI TU-Berlin, Habitat Unit is a teaching and research unit at the School for Planning Building and Environment of the Berlin University of Technology. Activities at HU focus on development-related and socio-cultural issues of architecture and urbanization. Go to Habitat Unit Web Page

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Fak VI TU-B, FG für konstruktives Entwerfen und klimagerechtes Bauen. focuses, as a single didactic unit, on the phenomena and fundamentals of climate-correct construction, evaluated in a holistic concept, and implemented in a state-of-the art constructive structure. Go to Web Page

Sponsor and other related institutions


Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD The German Academic Exchange Service is the main Sponsor of this Project. DAAD supports and promotes academic development through cooperation in areas related to science, research, language, teaching and more. Go to DAAD Web Page


Technische Universität Berlin, Innovation Zentrum Energie IZE concentrates the activities in the field of energy, distributed over all seven faculties of TU Berlin in order to develop the potential for widespread information and collaboration. Go to IZE Web Page


Programa País Eficiencia Energetica, PPEE aims at consolidating the efficient use as an energy source and promotes the development of efficient use of energetic resources in Chile in many levels, including education, building construction and building operation. Go to PPEE Web Page


World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies is a non-profit scientific organization, which supports its members in the advancement of sustainable energy technologies in various ways. Go to WSSET Web Page


Final Dual-Degree projects awarded a national contest

(Santiago, June 13th 2012) We are pleased to announce that our first double title alumni Natalia Spörke (PUC) and Alexander Tiedemann (TUB) have won two of the ten awards from the Project Title National Contest organized by Arquitectura Caliente. Arquitectura Caliente is a group dedicated to providing opportunities and spaces of diffusion to young architects and students. The contestants are final architecture projects belonging to all universities in Chile for the period 2010-2011. This year the competition involve 144 projects.

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Students' project for the Landesbibliothek joins the debate in Berlin

(Berlin, March 14th 2012) The design project realized by the TU students Linh Vu, Katerina Navalova, Sara Fontainhas and the PUC student Camila Urzúa for the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin in Tempelhofer Feld was presented into the Akademie der Wissenschaften inside the lecture "Urban development in Berlin since the fall of the Wall"

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TU-Berlin students win the Haiti Ideas Challenge competition

(Berlin, September 30th 2011) The design project "Reclaiming Heritage" by TUB students Holly Au, Eduardo Barros, Miguel Delso Páez, Federico Rota, Alejandro García Gadea, and Carmen Gómez Maestro, Faculty Sponsors Renato D'Alençon and Luis Beltrán del Río, has won the Housing Category in the Haiti Ideas Challenge, organized by ACSA, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, USAID, United States Agency for International Development, and Howard University's School of Architecture and Design

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