Energy and Building
Teaching - Research Group
Technical University Berlin and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


The Energy and Building Teaching-Research Group is composed by a number of Individuals, mostly Faculty members at TUB and PUC.


Prof. Juan Ignacio Baixas Director of the Universidad Católica de Chile. Teaching and research work among others on structures and sustainable architecture design. Practice in Baixas - del Río Arqtos., one of the most reputed architectural firms in Chile, winner of several design awards and recognitions.


Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle Chairman of the Habitat unit and initiator of the Urban management master Course. Recognized expert in the area of town development and housing supply in the developing countries. Since 2002 consulting professor of Tongji University Shanghai.


Prof. Rainer Hascher since 1989 Chairman for "Konstruktives Entwerfen und Klimagerechtes Bauen" at TU-Berlin; since 1979 has own architectural practice, Hascher-Jehle Architektur; in 2000 was appointed as member of the "Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften".


Dr. Margarita Greeneis a Qualified Architect and Master in Sociology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; and PhD at University College London. She is renowned expert in the area of housing and has been consultant to national and international organizations. She is currently Director of Academic Relations of FADEU.


Prof. Dr. José Quintanilla Assistant Director of Graduate and Postgraduate studies at the Architecture School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Professor of Theory and History and PH.D in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. His main area of interest revolves arround the tactile dimension at the margins of modern architecture.


Prof. Dr. Waldo Bustamante Civil Engineer (Mechanical), Master in Urban Development and Doctor in Applied Sciences. He has conducted extensive research in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and has been a consultant of the Chilean government in the thermal regulations.


Dr.-Ing. Arch Khaled Saleh-Pascha Since 1997 at TU-Berlin in the Chair of Prof Hascher. Invited Professor at Universidad Católica de Chile. Research work on timber construction, energy-efficiency in building, new building materials, late 19th - early 20th century architectural theory.


Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Paola Alfaro d'Alençon Since 2002 at TU-Berlin in the Habitat Unit. Guest Professor at Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago. Main points of work: Transport infrastructure development, settlement and town development. PhD Thesis at TUB and PUC on transport infrastructures within the city.


MSc. Arch. Felipe Encinas since 2002 at Universidad Católica de Chile. Main interests: energy-efficiency in building, climate and building context, thermal modeling and passive cooling techniques. Master at Nottingham Univ., U.K., 2004. Currently pursues a Doctoral degree at the U. Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.


M.Arch. Roberto Moris Universidad Católica de Chile, teaching and research in the area of urban development and policies, Technical Assessor for the Urban Ministry in Chile. Several research works related with sustainable urban development in Chile. Master thesis at LSE 2001.


M.Arch. Renato D'Alençon Universidad Católica de Chile. Teaching: material, sustainable building solutions and energy efficiency in architecture. Research work in housing quality and comfort conditions. Invited Professor TUB 2006, 2008. Chairman SET 07.


If you wish to contact us, please use any of the following references:

Paola Alfaro d'Alençon Habitat Unit, Sekr. A 53, Strasse des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49.30.314 21908.

Khaled Saleh-Pascha Lehrstuhl Konstruktives Entwerfen und Klimagerechtes Bauen, Sekr. A 44, Raum A 602, Strasse des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49.30.314.

Renato D'Alençon Castrillón Habitat Unit, Sekr. A 53, Strasse des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49.30.314 21833.


Final Dual-Degree projects awarded a national contest

(Santiago, June 13th 2012) We are pleased to announce that our first double title alumni Natalia Spörke (PUC) and Alexander Tiedemann (TUB) have won two of the ten awards from the Project Title National Contest organized by Arquitectura Caliente. Arquitectura Caliente is a group dedicated to providing opportunities and spaces of diffusion to young architects and students. The contestants are final architecture projects belonging to all universities in Chile for the period 2010-2011. This year the competition involve 144 projects.

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Students' project for the Landesbibliothek joins the debate in Berlin

(Berlin, March 14th 2012) The design project realized by the TU students Linh Vu, Katerina Navalova, Sara Fontainhas and the PUC student Camila Urzúa for the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin in Tempelhofer Feld was presented into the Akademie der Wissenschaften inside the lecture "Urban development in Berlin since the fall of the Wall"

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TU-Berlin students win the Haiti Ideas Challenge competition

(Berlin, September 30th 2011) The design project "Reclaiming Heritage" by TUB students Holly Au, Eduardo Barros, Miguel Delso Páez, Federico Rota, Alejandro García Gadea, and Carmen Gómez Maestro, Faculty Sponsors Renato D'Alençon and Luis Beltrán del Río, has won the Housing Category in the Haiti Ideas Challenge, organized by ACSA, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, USAID, United States Agency for International Development, and Howard University's School of Architecture and Design

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