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Technical University Berlin and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


The development of our academic capacities and performance is an important goal in the group, and in the framework of our cooperation we have developed a number of intiatives.

Dual Degree TUB and PUC


An Agreement for a Dual Degree in the field of Architecture was signed by the partner Universities in 2006. The aim of the program is to enable students to receive both the Master Degree from TU Berlin and the Professional Degree in Architecture from PUC, in the area of sustainable architecture with a special emphasis in building construction and energy efficient architecture.

To fit in such area the students from PUC at TUB will pursue the "Studienprofil IV: Entwurf, Tragwerk, Energie" as part of the Master Program of the TUB (Master Track IV: Design, Structures, Energy) and its requirements. The students from TUB at PUC will pursue the "Diploma de Excelencia Académica en Edificación, Estructuras y Tecnologías" (Concentration Certificate in Building Construction, Structures and Technologies) and its requirements.

Information for German Students >Information for Chilean Students >Dual Degree Students Data Base >Course of Study in PDF format, TU + PUC

Architecture Master at TUB


The Faculty of Architecture at the Technische Universitaet Berlin, with 2300 students is the largest faculty of architecture in Germany. Research and teaching are conducted here by a rich mixture of architects and civil engineers, urban and regional planners, landscape architects and environmental planners, along with social scientists, geographers and ecologists. This provides the faculty an outstanding and internationally aknowledged profile in planning, building and space sciences.

The Master title at the TU-Berlin could be obtained after a regular 4 semester study, within one of 4 tracks of specification offered at the TUB: Track I "Architektur allgemein" (Architecture in General), Track II "Architektur im Bestand" (Building Revitalization), Track III "Standort- und Projektentwicklung" (Real Estate and Urban Management) and finally Track IV "Entwurf, Tragwerk und Energie" (Design, Structure and Energy). The last also provides the basis for the common agreement between the UC and TUB.

Information about Architectur at TU-Berlin > Track IV Master at TUB Brief Description in PDF format > Course of Study at the TUB in PDF format

Architecture Degree at PUC


At Universidad Católica de Chile School of Architecture, the teaching of architecture as a discipline and profession stretches from theoretical abstraction to the real, built world. In this journey multiple scales of space are included, ranging from the object to territorial and urban scales, thus expanding the scope of the discipline to areas of diverse complexity.

A variety of issues are then comprised, such as housing, the environment, the impact of new infrastructure and public space, as well as questions of heritage, quality of life and technological innovation. All these require a contribution of constant renewal from the discipline to the profession. Architects graduated from PUC School of Architecture obtain, after 6 years of study, both a Licentiate Degree and a Professional Title that enables them to practice according to Chilean Law. In the current study plan, Curriculum 2005, the course of study is characterized by having its central core -the studios- differentiated by independent phases and complemented by thematic lines of contents.

Information about Architecture at PUC > PUC Technology and Systems Concentration in PDF format > Course of Study at the PUC in PDF format

Exchange students work: Javiera Infante & Miguel Angel Delso/ Winter semester 2010


This proposal is based on a series of inner patios enclosed within blocks of houses that are built with timber frames as main structure, the urban idea of this design is to create semi public spaces that can be for the community for religious partys, open air restaurants, artisans fairs, etc, and to establish a relationship between the main plaza of the city and the four patios.

The Timber frames provide the structural resistance not for the house itself but for the expansion as well, keeping in mind in the importance of the pre-existing, the height and the materials used in the blocks are remaining roof tiles, wood, recycled doors and windows and also adobe-bags, all this to reclaim not only the materials but the look and the aspect of the typical Chanco house but with new spaces and technology.

> Javiera Infante & Miguel Angel Delso/ Project resume

Exchange students work: Eloy Bahamondes & Lucas Vasquez/ Winter semester 2010


The project consisted in making the German pavilion for next expo in year 2015, with the slogan "feeding the planet, energy for life". The main problem of the project, was to find the pavillion´s question itself. Then, the pavilion was projected as a solution for the world hunger.

> Eloy Bahamondes & Lucas Vasquez/ Project resume


Final Dual-Degree projects awarded a national contest

(Santiago, June 13th 2012) We are pleased to announce that our first double title alumni Natalia Spörke (PUC) and Alexander Tiedemann (TUB) have won two of the ten awards from the Project Title National Contest organized by Arquitectura Caliente. Arquitectura Caliente is a group dedicated to providing opportunities and spaces of diffusion to young architects and students. The contestants are final architecture projects belonging to all universities in Chile for the period 2010-2011. This year the competition involve 144 projects.

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Students' project for the Landesbibliothek joins the debate in Berlin

(Berlin, March 14th 2012) The design project realized by the TU students Linh Vu, Katerina Navalova, Sara Fontainhas and the PUC student Camila Urzúa for the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin in Tempelhofer Feld was presented into the Akademie der Wissenschaften inside the lecture "Urban development in Berlin since the fall of the Wall"

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TU-Berlin students win the Haiti Ideas Challenge competition

(Berlin, September 30th 2011) The design project "Reclaiming Heritage" by TUB students Holly Au, Eduardo Barros, Miguel Delso Páez, Federico Rota, Alejandro García Gadea, and Carmen Gómez Maestro, Faculty Sponsors Renato D'Alençon and Luis Beltrán del Río, has won the Housing Category in the Haiti Ideas Challenge, organized by ACSA, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, USAID, United States Agency for International Development, and Howard University's School of Architecture and Design

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